Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Pulau Langkawi Trip -Accommodation & Transportation

This trip was such an unexpected trip for me. Me and other 30s other real estate management students actually joined a community service program from my department in Faculty of Built Environment which the notification was announced about one week before the trip its self. As an opportunist, for sure I took this opportunity since the trip was sponsored by my department (Oh, really BIG THANKS for my department. Hehe)

One view of the archipelago in Langkawi

Anyway, because the trip was sponsored, I didn't really know the cost I spent for the transportation from KL to Kuala Perlis. But later I found out it's not more than RM 50 though. The journey is about 6-7 hours. It actually depends on how many times the bus stops in the R&R (Rest and Relaxation). The longer we spend time there, the longer time we will arrive in Kuala Perlis. From Kuala Lumpur, we can get bus from Puduraya Terminal. Don't worry about the bus, It's full aircond-ed and pretty convenient in my opinion.

After around 7 hours journey, my group arrived in Kuala Perlis very early in the morning (5 am). We waited for the first voyage which is scheduled at 7 am. The fee for the ferry is only RM36/person. Don't worry, it won't take long time to arrive in Langkawi. Normally, it will only take an hour. Oh ya, I was kinda afraid to take ferry after the accident happened in Gaspar Strait couple months ago. Well, It didnt happen to me, but my friend did. The ferry was exploded because someone was very indiscipline and throw the cigarette mistakenly caused box of chicks burned and the fire was madly spreading to the whole part of the ferry. The situation was compounded with the not updated life saving equipment. It caused so much troubles for the passengers. So that's how my friend told me about his experience and it kinda scares me. Btw, no need to worry. What I want to say is that the life saving guideline and equipment in the ferry from Kuala Perlis to Langkawi are way more advance. I was surprised at the beginning of the voyage, in the TV showed about the life saving guidelines just like in the airplane. And the journey was kinda convenient as well.
Langkawi Budget Inn

Alrite, in Langkawi, I was impressed when I firstly stepped at the jetty. I think the government is very alarmed and well prepare for the development in this island as the tourism destination. The jetty looks way more modern than I experience in Indonesia. It looks more comfortable because of the well sufficient facilities like restaurants, car park, bus station, surau, groceries stores, etc.

Oh ya, my group went to the location where we had the community service program and to the place where we can stay for 2 nights there. But unfortunately, the place that we stayed was not comfortable. Therefore 4 of my classmates and I decided to find hotel, or inn, or whatever is more comfortable to stay. Then we found this budget inn called "Langkawi Budget Inn". The inn is located in the center of Kuah. At first, we were offered RM 80 per night for deluxe room. The facilities for deluxe room are 2 queen beds, TV, AC, and toilet with water heater. We bargained the rate, at the end we only got to pay RM 65 per night and stayed there for 2 nights. The inn also provides internet service. But it's only available in the lobby.
Btw, there are a loooot more inns, hotels, guesthouses in Langkawi that very affordable and convenient. They are also very easy to find. So, don't worry about it ^_^

For the whole 3 days trip we had in Langkawi, our schedule for the program was not very pact. So, we could spend more time exploring some places in Langkawi by renting a car. We did research on internet and finally found affordable tariff for the car rent. We paid RM50 per day  for Viva Perodua. Not a big car, but as long as we all can fit there, so it's ok hehe. For the whole 2 days we rented the car, we just spent around RM 30 for the gas.

I think that's all about the transportation and accommodation. Later. Hopefully this information will be useful to you guys.

Moment of sunset that can't be missed in Cenang Beach

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