Thursday, September 12, 2013

Summer Break In Bangka

It's been months without blogging. Since April, of course many things happened, many things have changed.

Let's talk about what I have captured so far in my hometown during summer break since the end of June to early September. Talking about "capture", I don't know why, I think I  develop my hobby about photography now. And It's a good thing I guess. Well ya, I am not that "very good" yet, but I am just enjoying to work on this new hobby since I managed to buy camera and maybe later I will suffice more of my photography tools. Who knows rite? InshaAllah :)

To be honest, I am so proud to be born and raised in such a beautiful hometown. It's like I never be bored to visit some spots in Bangka to just relax my self and take pictures with friends. Fortunately, I usually get "the moment" to capture some nice view. I guess, I prefer landscape to portrait as my object of photography. But I try both to be good in this hobby. I always feel blessed every time I get to the location and very thankful to what God has given to us. Hopefully we can be people who care about the environment and utilize it wisely instead of over exploring by doing such damages to the nature. Amin

 As usual, I will give brief information to pictures I captured in case you guys are interested to visit the beautiful Bangka Belitung :)

Aik Anyer Beach

 I went to Aik Anyer Beach to accompany my cousin's friend from Jakarta who were having holiday in Bangka. It was almost late afternoon like 4 pm or 5 pm and we spent the sunset there. Pretty much happy to see the view here. The beach is not crowded especially during the week days. We spent around 20 minutes to the location from Pangkalpinang. Because most of the beaches in Bangka Belitung are still natural (I mean now there are not many resorts utilize the beach to be developed), so normally the road we pass is not well developed and it takes time sometimes to reach the beach.
Aik Nyer Beach is usually visited by local people on weekend. This beach is gently slope. We don't see any giant rocks in this beach just like Pasir Padi Beach and Penyak Beach. The visitors usually spend time relaxing with family, fishing, swimming, having lunch together etc. No cafe or restaurants available. People prepare foods in their house and bring them here. Some grill the fishes at the beach.
We can also find the source of fresh water from the natural river nearby the beach. The usual habit of local people, after they swim at the sea they will swim to the river where the fresh water is sourced.  Some people are afraid of the salty water from the sea will make their skin itchy and uncomfortable but for some beaches which are facilitated with public toilet or bathroom, people tend to utilize that facility to clean themselves.

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