Monday, March 31, 2014

Travelling in the Crowded City,Bangkok

I had an unexpected journey to Bangkok last month for 4 days 3 night. So, here you go a simple documentary of my journey....

The crowd at Chatuchak Market

Transportation and Acommodation

I actually had a plan to go to Singapore earlier this year after my examination. But that plan needed to be shifted to another time I guess. Knowing that 3 of my Couch Surfing (CS) friends from Bangka made itinerary to countries in South East Asia, I was thinking that it might be interesting if I also join. Eventhough I can only join them when they are already in Bangkok after backpacking from Vietnam and Myanmar.

I got promotion ticket from Air Asia for RM 202 for return tickets. I think that's pretty cheap. By the way, I only did less browsing about Bangkok. So when I arrived in Don Mueang Airport, I was a bit confused especially to find bus to Khao San Road-the place where I should meet my friends. Luckily in the airport earlier I asked for Bangkok map from the tourism information center. By the way guys, in Bangkok it's pretty easy to find information center.

In previous browsing I thought that I could take bus to Khao San Road by taking bus 59. But I was wrong. It didn't stop there. It is actually very important to ask the bus driver where the bus is going although they don't know really how to speak English. But we can also try by showing the destination from the map. The bus fare is cheap. From the airport to Victory Monument by bus 59, I only paid for 19 Bath. It's around RM 2. Because I was lost and the driver decided to stop me there and suggested me to take to another bus. But I decided to take metered taxi from Victory Monument to Khao San Road. Oh ya, the Bus Stop is kinda unique though. We can only take the bus at particular Bus Stop with particular bus number. Anyway, during rush hour, Bangkok which is already very crowded happens to have traffic jam. Then I have to spend little bit much of money for taxi to Khao San Road. It's around 100 Bath. I think it's better than get more lost hahhaa..

On the public bus

The unique bus stop

Khao San Road is very stuffy. I picture Khao San Road as Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. Khao san Road is a tourist area and facilitated by low to medium cost hotel or guesthouse as well as shops and restaurants/cafes. I stayed in a low budget inn named "Walk Inn"  in Tanao Road that is just next to Khao San Road. For single room, it is about 220 Bath. And for Double Room, it is about 320 Bath. Both are equipped only by fan and sharing toilet/bathroom.


I eat a lot along my travelling experience, because I love food hunting LOL. Anyway, for foods there are a lot of vegetarian restaurants -especially for Muslim- around Tanao Road and Khao San Road. If I am not around there I eat cut fruits that we can find anywhere at the streets. They are also very cheap. One portion is about 20-30 Bath. The normal meals and drinks that I ate cost around above 80 bath.

May Kaidee's vegetarian restaurant at Tanao Road

Cooking class in May Kaidee's vegetarian restaurant

Cheap cut fruits everywhere

Yummy squids

Finally, the real Tom Yam at Tom Yam Kung Restaurant in Khao San Road

Extreme snacks: cockroach, scorpion, frog, etc.

Tourism Places
Wat Arun 
Entrance Fee: 60 Bath
Before going to Wat Arun we must firstly get to the boat that brings us there. The fee for the boat is 6 Bath. It won't take more than 10 minutes to go there from the port. Yeah, it is very close. :)

Me in front of Wat Arun

Wat Phra Chetuphon
Entrance Fee: 100 Bath
Actually before going to the boat port to Wat Arun, we will pass Wat Phra Chetuphon. In there you will enjoy walking in the temple complex. Each building has huge Budha statue including this giant lying Budha statue.

Monk in Wat Phra Chetuphon

These Budha statues are the common things that you will find around here 

Golden Mountain
Entrance fee: 20 Bath
Just like the name, this tourism place is situated just like on the top of mountain. Well, not as high as a real mountain but we can see the view of Bangkok from here. 

The view of Bangkok from Golden Mountain

Chatuchak Market
Just like Pasar Seni in Malaysia, this market is full of stuffs that we can buy in very low price. Each section of the market sells different things starting from handicrafts, foods, books, to pet.

Inside Chatuchak Market

If you pass the walkway along the way to the Grand Palace and you see a lot of birds. There may be some ladies that stop you and ask you to feed those birds. It happened to my friend and I. I actually smelled something not good at first. They forced us to feed the birds with corn and saying that it's for free and we can take pictures with the birds. At the end after we were all excited they forced us to pay 150 Bath. So, BE CAREFUL!!

Special thanks to Cece Vero

And Bang Ryan 

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