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"ERTI" -University Malaya First Students' Art Exhibition

Kinda long time I didn't post anything here. So many things happened this month.
Well, as I mentioned before. I was busying my day with a project which is based on my hobby- Drawing.

Here I attached some photographs and information about "ERTI"

ERTI is the first Art Exhibition in University Malaya held by the students and alumni. This exhibition is actually regarding to the art club that my friends and I initiated together. We called it as "ART VENTURA".

ART VENTURA is actually a new independent club which is fully supported by UM Art Gallery (UMAG). We held some activities like drawing in different mediums and guided by UM Resident Artists. The main objective of emerging Art Ventura is actually as the medium for UM students to explore their passion in fine art. Actually, there was a fine art club in UM in 1970's. But I don't know exactly why it's inaudible since that time. As the objective I mentioned earlier, I asked  some friends from my faculty who spend time sketching together to create this club.

people behind the scene

And the idea of creating the first ever student exhibition in UM came from the challenge that cited by UMAG's manager to find 20 UM students that can showcase their pieces of artworks (painting, photography, or sculpture). So, within 3 days of search, we finally got young talented artists from different academic background in UM, although at the final we only can manage having 18 people and 64 artworks in total.

Oh ya, i forgot to describe what "ERTI" is. ERTI in bahasa Melayu means "MEANING". So you can guess what it's all about. This art exhibition gives the freedom to the visitors to explore their own perspective on the artworks that they look. So roughly, people is free to give the meaning of each artworks showcased.

The opening of this event is on  12.12.12 till 14.01.13. But the launching day is on Friday, 14.12.12. During the launching day, we had performance night right after the formal launching. The performers are mostly from UM students (I sang too hahaha :p) and "Kata Mata" (the poetry club in KL). There were poetry, acoustic, and dance. Alhamdulillah the event was very successful, and the crowd was more than what i expected. Many of the paintings were sold. A lot of people from inside and outside campus came and they enjoyed the event.

Hopefully next year, We can hold the same event and make it bigger, more fun, more creative, and more massive visitors come.

I'm so glad to have friends who help me working as committee members sharing some ideas and  being creative. Well, I salute for all hard works we did together preparing all the thing, facing some minor problem, and without our awareness we actually learn how to be an event organizer haha. Thanks so much friends. And very huge thanks for Puan Anita who gave us this challenge, if you didn't, We probably never make it.

For all readers who are interested to come. ERTI is still open till 14th of January 2013 in UM ART GALLERY (UMAG), 5th floor of UM new Canseleri Building. It is opened during work days and work hours (it's closed during lunch time).
behind the scene
behind the scene
behind the scene
behind the scene

the card box sculpture of ERTI
All of the Artists with UM resident artists and The Chief of UM Librarian
the visitors
 the visitors

 performers from Kata Mata
 Performers from Kata Mata

 Poetry by Leena and Wema
Enthusiasm during the performances

 Our Leader of this Project, Mehran
 The Visitors
My Band Performance

My band Performance

credited to Jaka and Badriah for the awesome pictures :)

All about ERTI was covered in New Straits Times

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