Friday, November 16, 2012

Trip to Malacca/Melaka -about Places

Bayar janji!! haha. I promised to post about melaka more rite? My small trip in melaka is very unforgettable, karena sampai sekarang I still wanna be there and planning to do more things like do sketching and take more photographs. Never mind, yang penting I did document some things in my memory and took pictures about it.

Actually as I said before, tujuan sebenarnya pergi ke Malacca itu cuma untuk doing assignment of "method of valuation" which the property we chose is located in Melaka. So, just grab the chance. Karena setelah selesai investigation ke subject property, kami langsung jalan-jalan ke some tourism destination in Melaka.

Bisa dibilang, my trip was a bit compact. But, Leet Ying said that in 3 days 2 nights, I could cover many kinda tourism destinations in Melaka. Alhamdulillah. Thank to her who accommodated me and my another friend to hang around Melaka by driving the car.

Calanthe Restaurant

this restaurant is still my numero uno!! 

Karena saya doyan makan atau apalah itu namanya, but this restaurant is one of the best spot in melaka. I found a lot of inspiration for my artworks here. Besides the delicious foods it serves, the design of the furniture it self is very creative!! Salute for the boss who designed it. Very artsy fartsy! J'aime :D
Here, some more pictures about this restaurant:

Jonker Street

 If in KL we have Petaling Street or Pasar Seni, in Malacca we have Jonker Street. Well, this place is one of the center of crowd in Malacca. You can find many tourists come to this place. We can see a lot of old Chinese shop houses here. At night, the buildings will be shot by red lighting spotted uniformly and very nicely. These shop houses are hotels, restaurants, gallery or shops that sell a lot of cool vintage stuffs. During at night there will be bazaar. Eventhough, the vintage shops will be closed at night, they will open the stands on the small street in front of the shops. Kayak di Petaling Street during evening gitu deh. But, unluckily I couldn't find any bazaar during night i came there, because it's rainy season. So sad!! However, my friends and I still went there doing night walking. Still fun!! 

Melaka River at Night
After the pouring rain at that night, we hang out walking around Melaka city. Taking pictures nearby the Malacca river
nearby the Malacca River, we found Malacca tree which is very famous and related to the history when Melaka first found by Parameswara
Oppa Gangnam Style in Melaka hahaha

More Old Buildings 
As the history written, Malaysia was colonized by some countries like Portuguese, Dutch, British, and Japanese. Therefore we can see a lot of old buildings located in Melaka (as the big port in Peninsular Malaysia during the colonization) which consist of historical story behind that such as proselytizing, governance, etc.

A Looottt More Places

And lastly, BIG THANKS FOR MY GROUP MATES!! Wish we can get A for the assignment LOL ^_^

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