Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Never Get Bored with The Beach in Bangka Belitung

I missed a month to post any postings. Because yeah, I just got the chance to have better internet speed in the campus after the semester break. I actually got back home to Pangkalpinang, Bangka Belitung during this semester break and had so much fun with friends. I traveled to 4 beaches. I've never done like this travelling lol (4 beaches in one month break!! hahhaa). But the time spent pretty well anyway.Here I am telling you about the beach i my homeland, Bangka Belitung.

Technically, as an archipelago province, Bangka Belitung is surrounded by beach so we can just travel to different district of this province and enjoy different beautiful beach. The beach in Bangka Belitung is famous of its uniqueness with giant rocks beautifully arranged by the nature and also because most of all the beach are visited by less number of visitors. So you somehow feel like the particular area of the beach you visit is yours. Because nobody will bother you so you can relax while listening to the sound of weaves.

1. Pasir Padi Beach
This beach is the nearest beach from the main town, Pangkalpinang. The contour of this beach is not ornamented with giant rocks. When the low tide, sometimes some part of the beach is used for rally competition. This beach is wellknown as crowd center especially during weekend and school holiday. Many seafood restaurants like Biru Laut and Aroma Laut are favorites of the visitors to have dinner nearby the seashore with family and friends. Another facilities provided are Kamanja Outbond, children playing area, tourism information center, Serata hotel, and souvenir shop. Visitors can enjoy the morning sunrise in Pasir Padi

2. Penyak Beach
Penyak beach is lied along the way from Pangkalpinang to Koba (District of Central Bangka). While driving along the road nearby the beach, we can feel the fresh wind from the sea. The beach is not too crowded except in the weekend or holiday. Local people sometimes spend their evening to just sit with the family and chill. It's just 45-60 minutes from Pangkalpinang. There are some restaurants nearby the seashore facing the sea.

3. Tanjung Beriga Beach
This beach is located in Lubuk Besar, Koba. About 2-3 hours away from Pangkalpinang. Tanjung Beriga is usually used by the local villagers as a crab home industry. The crab that has been processed traditionally will be imported to another province or overseas. We can see some fishermen's boats nearby the coast. The water is still clean and we can feel very relax here because the visitors coming are not much. The giant rocks are arranged beautifully here. We also can see shells spreading on the sand at some part of the beach.

4. Tanjung Berikat Beach
Not so far from Tanjung Beriga is located, there is Tanjung Berikat beach. It's about 15 minutes driving from Tanjung Beriga. The characteristic of the beach is quite similar though. But the sand in Tanjung Berikat is incredibly soft and makes us feel so comfy to step on it. The water is very clean especially during the summer. There is a tower that can be accessed by walking through the jungle around the beach. The tower is actually operated for certain telephone number provider. But, many visitors go up there to view the beach from the top. In Tanjung Berikat, there are some best spot to hunt some photographs, For example little piece of savannah that heading the beach and the huge and high flat rock where we can enjoy the view of magnificent beach from the top of it and also enjoy the sunset.

Special thanks
...... to CS Bangka (Couch Surfing Bangka), I am so happy to know such amazing travelers like you guys. Cant wait to go travelling again with you all. :) Mbak Ayi and Arin, Thanks for accompany me to hunt awesome photographs. Gonna miss you alot :)

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