Sunday, March 19, 2017

Handmade Nottingham Market and My Personal Views on Art and Creativity

My casual weekend outing for today goes to Handmade Nottingham Market in The Malt Cross. Actually I had been to several similar events before in Nottingham. But seems like there are always something new. Again, I feel endlessly lucky to live in a place where art is widely appreciated.

 Stalls in a cafe? Not a bad idea at all

Unlike the usual handmade products exhibition that I had attended before, this event is held in one of the most prestigious cafe in Nottingham. Whereas normally people use common spaces like convention centre, park, mall or gallery to have it.

Numerous local entrepreneurs participate in this handmade market indicates that the creativity is well supported by the government and local community. I personally adore how people appreciate handmade products here. It feels like there are always special spaces for creative persons to express their taste of art.

  • Speaking of creativity, it usually roots from the early stage of human life - childhood. People from places where art is seen as something taboo would think that nobody is going to make a living out of it. As the result, art passionate children are forced to limit their imagination just after the parents acknowledge their talent. It's very sad to know that many creative persons waste their talent to grow up working in the areas that don't allow them to explore their true passions

    Many need to know that art/creativity is not always in a form of painting or small acoustic gig. In fact, the application of art is just beyond that. Professionals like architects, fashion designers, composers, animators, interior designers, actors are the proofs that artists transform to different kind of professions

    • In our daily life, it is very clearly shown that we can never live separately from creativity. Even global companies like Google and Apple demand highly creative employees. Creativity leads to better problem solving, creation of brilliant innovation, and good state of mental health. So, isn't creativity a big deal?

      It can take my whole life to talk about this topic (well, not entirely 😅). Mostly because rejection has been part of my personal experience. I am still trying my best to channeling my own passion into something meaningful not just for me but also the people around me. To end this "another random thoughts" session, I can probably say that underestimating an art enthusiastic/creative individual is utterly shameful. Especially if we choose to be ignorant or tightly close our eyes from seeing the value of art and creativity.

    •  Outside of The Malt Cross


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