Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Summer / Eid Fitr Holiday in Belinyu, Bangka

As I promised, here is a simple story of my trip to Belinyu that I had during Summer/Eid Fitr Holiday.

It was started from a wedding invitation that I received from a friend who lives in Belinyu. Belinyu is located in Central Bangka district. If you look at the map, it is situated at the northern part of Bangka Island. To reach there, we have to drive at least for 2 hours from Pangkalpinang. I asked my Couch Surfing Bangka Belitung friends (usually called as CS Babel) to accompany me. One of us rented a car. Normally, the rate is around Rp 250,000 to Rp 300,000 to rent Kijang Innova or Toyota Avanza for 24 hours rent excluding the gas.


It was my very first time going to Belinyu, kinda ashamed for me to tell this because I have been living in Bangka for long time but never got the chance to go there. I heard a lot from people about amazingly beautiful beaches and isles in Belinyu. Fortunately I have some friends who live there, so I contacted one of them, Abdi. He is a good friend of mine since I joined Youth Tourism Ambassador of Bangka Belitung (Duta Wisata Bangka Belitung) in 2010. It was kinda last minute to tell him that my friends and I were going to Belinyu. Luckily, he responded my message quickly. Right after the wedding party, we headed to Abdi's house. He told to us that we could go to Batu Dinding Beach which is located around 100 meters away from his house.


This beach is called as Batu Dinding because of the appearance of the giant rock (Batu) that resembles shape of giant wall (Dinding) facing the sea (as you can see at above pictures).

The beach is situated nearby a cliff whereby a hilly land with great panorama is located. In below picture is shown the view that we can see from the top of the hill. There is small jetty for the fishermen nearby. Area of Batu Dinding beach is actually owned personally by a local resident. The owner collects donation from the visitors. The donation is later to be used for the sake of taking care of the beach and to maintain the cleanliness of the area.

We later left Batu Dinding beach to enjoy our the next stop, Tanjung Penyusuk beach. This beach is a favorable spot for people who want to enjoy its clear water and pretty view of giant granite. Normally, there are more visitors come here during weekend and holiday than weekdays. Especially knowing that this beach is getting more famous by the meantime. You can relish wonderful panorama of the beach and as well as fell the windy air by sitting at the small beach store nearby the beach. It sells fresh coconut water, watermelon, and some snacks. You  may bring your own snacks from home, but do not forget to throw the garbage at the bin, otherwise you can bring your own garbage bag and bring back all the garbage to be thrown away at your home.

Not very far away from Tanjung Penyusuk beach, we can see isles. People call them as Lampu Isle (Pulau Lampu) and Putri Isle (Pulau Putri). Both of them are well known as good spots for diving/snorkeling. My friends and I rented a small fisherman boat that cost us around Rp 150,000 - Rp 200,000 for return trip to Lampu Isle. You may negotiate with the boat owner/fisherman if they ask you for higher rental. Sometimes, they charge the rent per person rather than per group of people. So, my suggestion is if you go there in a group, you better negotiate the rent in group basis than per individual. It is because renting in group basis is sometimes cheaper than in individual basis. It is also better to have local Belinyu friend who can negotiate the rent with the boat owner/fisherman. Hehehe (Thanks, Abdi). By the way, it only took us around 10 to 15 minutes to Lampu Isle from tanjung Penyusuk Beach.

So, what's so special about Lampu Isle? A bit different from Putri Isle, there is a tower located in Lampu Isle. This tower is used as light house to guide people to sail at night. Perhaps, that is why this isle is called Pulau Lampu or Light Isle in english term. Many people climb up the tower to see the view of isle surroundings. The most amazing thing  you can see is the visible coral in the sea from the top of this tower. You will also be amazed by the clarity of the water that enable you snorkeling and see some little fishes and sea creatures swimming in the water too. For sun catcher, Lampu Isle is one of the best place to capture the sunset moment. For photography lovers, prepare your camera and also be ready for the beauty of this isle. Oh ya, this isle is also accommodated with facilities such as fresh water and prayer room. For muslim visitors, you should not worry to pray here ;)

The time seemed to pass too soon. I will be missing this amazing place. Eventhough we didn't spend much time here, at least this trip left such super amazing memory for me. InsyaAllah, one day I will come back again.
Special thanks to CS Babel and Abdi :)

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