Sunday, August 14, 2011

Holiday in Belitong (Belitung) Island Part 2

I just had time to update this blog about the recent topic- My trip to Belitong Island.
Here are some beaches that we went. 

1. Tanjung Pendam Beach

This beach is actually the easiest beach to access because it's located  nearby the town (Red. Tanjung Pandan) 
There are some resorts where visitors might stay in, it's also well-maintained enough by the government, the contour is like Pasir Padi beach in Bangka Island because it doesn't have big stones arranged at the beach.
We could enter this beach by paying only Rp 2000-motorbike, many cafes available, also a little karaoke pub. The cafes serve any kinda cuisines from it's island and not really expensive
There is a playground for kids,  a hall for music performance, volleyball fields, and souvenir counters.
This beach is quite large with sandy-slope shores, quite clean, and mostly busy on Saturday night.
The visitors can be entertained by the traditional music performance at night while enjoying the fresh-night-beach-air.

*dengan fetty

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